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Clef Singers (11.249 x 3 in) (8 x 1 in).png

Click HERE to select your audition time.

Please arrive to your audition warmped up.

Your audition will consist of...

Range evaluation and placement: A quick vocal eval of your highest and lowest comfortable notes.

Tonal Memory: You will hear a very short musical example and will be asked to sing it back.

Sight Reading:  Any example from this sheet.

Melody of the Star Spangled Banner a cappella in the key for your voice.

Sing this as if you were singing as as member of Chorus or Clef, not the soloist at an event.

A Song of Your Choice: Sing a short excerpt of a song you enjoy singing, that you feel you sing well, and showcases your voice.




Star Spangeld Banner Practice Tracks


High Voice (Soprano)
Medium Voice (Soprano_Alto)
Low Voice (Alto)
High Voice (Tenor)
Medium Voice (Tenor_Baritone)
Low Voice (Bass)
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