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20 CHS Students Rate Superior

Updated: May 22, 2022

Congrats to the 19 Choral Students and the Band Student who participated in today’s RIMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival! We are so proud that ALL of our Student Musicians earned SUPERIOR RATINGS! Also, 3 of our vocal soloists and 2 of our vocal ensembles were recommended for the RIMEA Honors Recital!

Superior Rating
Lila Biddle - Soprano Solo and Vocal Trio
Christian Chicoine - Tenor Solo
Jasmine Dowling - Trumpet Solo
Cole Pepin, Piano Solo

Superior Rating/ Honors Recital Recommendation
Camila Brito - Soprano Solo
Xia Myers, Tenor Solo
Jules Sanford, Alto Solo

Vocal Ensemble/Honors Recital Recommendation
Catherine Garcia - soprano
Julia Cipolla - soprano
Brennah Abilheira-Cargill - alto
Audrey Ouellette - alto
Chase Benjamin - tenor
Kyle Jordan - tenor
Cole Walker - bass
Harry Kenyon - bass

Vocal Ensemble/Honors Recital Recommendation
Heather Bliss - soprano
Samantha Bernardo - soprano
Anamaria Gomez-Velez - alto
Sarah O`Connell - alto
Brandon Ezovski - tenor
Xia Myers - tenor
Harry Kenyon - bass
Cole Pepin - bass
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