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CHS Tri-M Chapter #3588
Faculty Advisors: Michael Dansereau & Amanda Santo

Why You Should be a Tri-M® Member

  • The Tri-M Music Honor Society® recognizes and rewards students based on their accomplishments and service activities. Isn’t it nice to be thanked for all you do?

  • Having a Tri-M chapter at your school gives a boost to your school music program. Don’t you love helping your music teachers be recognized for their hard work?

  • Chapter service and community activities show the entire community how important music is in your school. So, the next time it comes to budget cuts, your chapter activities can help make sure that music stays in your school!

  • Tri-M is a chance for all members of your music program—meaning both the vocalists and the instrumentalists—to work together toward common goals under the leadership of school faculty. Isn’t it great when we can all get along?

  • Tri-M gives you the chance to learn new skills through service activities and taking leadership of chapter projects. Don’t you love learning?

Why You Should be a Tri-M® Member


Tri-M Conferences

Many Tri-M chapters participate in local, division, and national Tri-M Conferences. As for the division and national events, they’re held at the same time as or as part of selected MENC national and division conferences and feature special sessions just for Tri-M members. Many Tri-M conferences include chances for students to meet members from other chapters, hear special performances, visit music exhibits, and even perform themselves!

​Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, Tri-M offers money for summer study programs to chapters that have received the national Tri-M Chapter of the Year Award. These scholarships are awarded by the chapter advisors to deserving chapter members. In addition, many of the CHS chapter events raise money for the $500 scholarship(s) that our chapter offers its members in their senior year.

CHS Tri-M Chapter #3588

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