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Cumberland High School Music Department Varsity Letter Requirements


The Class of 2023 and beyond will have the opportunity to earn a Varsity Letter in Music.  Letters will be earned through a points system, and points will be cumulative beginning in the 9th grade.  In addition to the Letter in Music, students can also earn patches for specific honors and achievements. There will be an option for students to purchase a Varsity Jacket to display their letter and patches. 

It is an honor to receive a letter for your hard work in the CHS Music Program.  A letter signifies that you have gone “above and beyond” the requirements of the ensemble. For that reason, there will be students who show incredible musical talent, but do not receive a Letter.  A Letter shows that you have put in EXTRA time and effort.

There are two sections that must be fulfilled to qualify for a Varsity Letter. 

I.  BASIC REQUIREMENTS: In order for a student to be eligible for a Letter in Music, students must:

  • Complete at least one year of satisfactory enrolled ensemble membership  

  • Be a “member in good standing” during his/her tenure

  • Participate in all required dress rehearsals and performances 

  • Not have any  more than three unexcused rehearsal absences

  • Remain off of the Academic/Social Suspension List

  • Have no disciplinary issues that require administrative intervention

  • Accumulate at least 100 points (50 point minimum per year)


Students who meet all of the Basic Requirements qualify for the Points Section of the application. 


II.  POINTS REQUIREMENTS: Students may earn points by completing the following.

  • Enrolled Member in Good Standing 

  • Participating in an All-State 

  • Performing with All-Eastern

  • Performing with All-National 

  • Participating in Solo & Ensemble

  • Being an active member of Tri-M

  • Completing  a Music Theory Course  (Enrolled OR Free Through Clever)

  • Performing a solo in concert

  • Participating in private lessons

  • Attending a local college-sponsored or out of state Music Camp

  • Serving  as a Section Leader/Officer

  • Serving  as a Music Tutor

  • Attending a faculty-approved Fine Art Event  

DEMERITS: Your directors reserve the right to demerit a student's letter points. In this event, the student and their parents will be notified via letter, email, or phone call.

  • Missing Materials (music, instrument, etc) - (5 points/each time)

  • Unexcused missed rehearsal (10 points)

  • Tardiness (1 point for every 10 minutes)

  • Excessive talking/distraction to the ensemble (15 points)

  • Missed Performance (25 points - see basic requirements above)

Click HERE for your Point Tracking Sheet. Points trackers must be signed by your Director and returned to Mrs. Santo by Friday, May 5th. 

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